Top 10 Destinations in Australia for 2023

welcome to mojo travels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 destinations in australia for 2021. are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list we’re looking at the most compelling and unique cities towns islands regions and natural spaces in australia number 10 gold coast and byron bay encompassing millions of square miles and numerous diverse landscapes australia is quite the impressive landmass that’s a lot of ground to cover and explore but much like the country’s residents you’ll likely find yourself drawn to the coastline located in southeastern queensland gold coast is australia’s sixth largest city but first in the hearts of many it often gets overlooked by international travelers but the city’s subtropical climate consistently great weather and position along the east coast makes it one of the most popular getaways for australians days are spent surfing and soaking up sun nights are for exploring the city’s many bars and clubs further north along australia’s east coast in the state of new south wales byron bay is a great alternative for those who prefer a more relaxed pace this beach town is a haven for surfers artists yogis or anyone looking to relax number nine tasmania leaving the mainland for a taste of adventure to the south we arrive at the island state of tasmania even by australian standards tasmania’s history is notably complex and messy whether you are history buff or not everyone can benefit from a crash course in the island’s colonial and aboriginal past armed with context and knowledge it’s time to appreciate tasmania’s ample natural beauty whether you’re hiking cradle mountain or exploring the rugged coastline by boat this island will take your appreciation for the australian wilderness to new heights and yet for all its natural splendor tasmania is equally known for its cultural offerings particularly in the capital city of hobart throughout the year it plays host to a wide array of food wine beer music and arts festivals its produce and exports are the stuff of legend so foodies will find much to appreciate number 8.

Margaret river region speaking of culture you can taste enophiles won’t want to skip over the margaret river region actually once you arrive you may want to spend your entire trip there australia is spoiled when it comes to wine country yarra valley hunter valley kunawara and the barossa valley they’re all well worth adding to your itinerary if wine is a priority for you but if you only have time for one make it margaret river located at the southwestern extremity of the country and extending to the sea the region produces both red and white wines in a wide variety that being said it’s best known for its cabernet sauvignon chardonnay and sauvignon blanc and yes you can rest assured that like most high-profile wine regions margaret river boasts a culinary scene to match there’s also some quality surfing there but you really shouldn’t mix wine and waves number 7.

Top 10 Destinations in Australia for 2021 | MojoTravels

Lord howe island looking for an experience enjoyed by few travelers during your time in australia consider booking yourself passage to lord howe island located in the state of new south wales some 320 miles off of the mainland this island is really something special its natural beauty and wildlife is so remarkable that it has been declared a unesco world heritage site of global natural significance lord howe island is home to a number of endemic species found only here while the towering volcanic mountains mount gower and mount lidge bird give the entire landscape a certain epic quality ball’s pyramid a rock formation 14 miles off the island is similarly eye-catching because lord howe island’s ecosystem is considered so precious only 400 tourists are permitted on the island at any given time so be sure to plan ahead number six great ocean road far more accessible and easily added to the itinerary on a whim australia’s great ocean road is a world-class coastal drive it’s right up there with the amalfi coast in california’s coastal highway one located west of melbourne this 151 mile stretch of road makes for an absolutely life-changing drive winding along the coast from allen’s first to torquay or vice versa great ocean road spans two national parks and gives drivers unparalleled scenic vistas every twist turn and straightaway reveals a picture-perfect sight but there are also a few specific notable landmarks that warrant special attention these include the 12 apostles a collection of rock formations rising out of the ocean and lockhart gorge the drive can be done in a single day but we wouldn’t recommend it with so many photo ops coves to explore seaside villages to visit and surf spots to try out great ocean road is best enjoyed at a slower pace number five kangaroo island do we really need to say more that’s a name that sells itself kangaroo island is located 70 miles southwest of adelaide and encompasses 1701 square miles of land it’s home to a wide variety of noteworthy species including little penguins koalas echidnas sea lions and numerous types of bird including the glossy black cockatoo the starring attraction however is the island’s namesake population of kangaroos and there are a number of tour operators to help you get the most out of your wildlife odyssey if you can’t get enough of australia’s unique animals you’ll also want to add rottnest island to the itinerary located off the coast of southwestern australia this roughly 46 square mile island is best known for its cuakas a small and freaking adorable marsupial found in a few other places in australia number four kakadu national park if you’re a fan of vast untarnished expanses of wilderness then australia should be at the very top of your bucket list one could spend months exclusively exploring the national parks and still feel the need to make a return trip nambang national park stands out with its limestone pillars known as the pinnacles karagini national park is a land of adventure with gorges waterfalls and slot canyons just waiting to be explored uluru katachuta national park takes its name from uluru a towering sandstone monolith considered sacred to the local aboriginal people but if you only have time for one national park our endorsement is cockadoo it’s not an easy choice but with its thousands of ancient rock art sites epic landscape and numerous landmarks it’s the clear choice number 3 sydney as the country’s biggest city sydney often feels like australia’s beating heart it boasts some of the nation’s most iconic structures including the opera house and the sydney harbour bridge but honestly the city as a whole feels like an attraction built around the harbor sydney skyline is absolutely inspiring and its layout is unlike any other city in the world and it’s got a lively energy to match for all its cultural and economic clout there are also national parks and green space all around it including the blue mountains on top of everything else sydney is blessed with a selection of great beaches to choose from these include manly beach a great place for aspiring surfers kuji and bondi beach they each have something unique to offer but for something extra special check out bondi beach during the christmas holidays number two with sunday islands we’ve got three words for you great barrier reef easily one of australia’s most important national treasures this massive coral reef system is the largest of its kind it spans an area of roughly 133 thousand square miles and is home to countless species unfortunately it’s currently threatened on all sides by climate change pollution overfishing and invasive species so when you visit it’s crucial that you book with a reputable company and respect the reef of course you can’t spend all your time in the water and the whitsunday islands is where you’ll rest your head encompassing 74 islands this popular getaway is the perfect place to kick back relax and enjoy the sand sun and sea with so many islands and beaches to choose from it’s not hard to find your own little slice of paradise whether you’re looking for a resort experience or prefer camping the whitsunday islands can accommodate fraser island those separate from the whit sundaes is another good option when exploring the great barrier reef number one melbourne it’s not the biggest city in australia nor is it the country’s capital but after visiting melbourne for yourself you’ll understand why we decided to give it our top spot sydney understandably has it beat in terms of beaches but when it comes to culture melbourne rivals the likes of new york city london los angeles seoul rome tokyo and paris a youthful entrepreneurial diy spirit has made melbourne a world leader when it comes to music coffee food fashion art and more while it’s on the cutting edge of just about every trend it’s equally a haven for sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts which is a balancing act that very few cities can pull off with such grace like los angeles and paris melbourne is a cosmopolitan city that needs to be explored at length to be fully appreciated each neighborhood is distinct with its own unique charms and quirks be warned settling in melbourne isn’t cheap but after your first visit you may never want to leave do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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