Tesla Model Y 2023 With All-New Features

thank you welcome guys I am Harriet and you’re watching EV  news on Njeckston Electric in this Edition we gonna be focusing on Tesla news and updates  click subscribe and the bell icon so you don’t miss out on our next Edition let’s start with software update for the model Y and Tesla cars in general Tesla is starting  to roll out its full self-driving update v11 which is expected to be a wider release for everyone in  North America who buys the FSD it’s an exciting and scary move as it should combine Tesla’s FSD  and autopilot Highway stacks the release note is out but it was a partial release note now  available in full a whole Mars blog asks this question to Elon Musk on Twitter excuse me why  do we only have two pages of the fsdb to 11 release notes Tesla employees can someone  please DM me the whole thing your privacy will be fully protected the community is dying to  read them musk responded given all that is in v11 it will take a few weeks to expand the beta  then another few weeks to go wide release to US and Canada let’s look at the full release note  which is now available on not a Tesla app enabled FSD beta on highway this unifies the vision and  planning stack on and off Highway and replaces the Legacy Highway stack which is over four years old  the Legacy Highway stack still relies on several single camera and single frame networks and was  set up to handle simple Lane specific maneuvers FSD beta’s multi-camera video networks and next  general planner that allows for more complex agent interactions with less Reliance on Lanes  Make Way for adding more intelligent behaviors smoother control and better decision making  more about the release note is on not a Tesla app link in this video’s description  Tesla plans to extend the rollout of fsdv 11 beta before Thanksgiving musk posted on Twitter we will  widen v11 beta before Thanksgiving several Tesla enthusiasts have posted videos on YouTube showing  viewers their first rides with FSD beta 10.69.3 in general the reviews are positive most videos have  moments where the driver expects the program to make a mistake instead Tesla surprises the  user and performs complex areas without intrusion our Homer’s blog who is an fsdb to tester posted  a video on YouTube as he cruised around San Francisco he made this comments I think people  will be blown away by this product when they try it later this month it does pretty much what they  said it would do you get in the car you tell it where you want to go anywhere in the country and  it just drives you there you just sit there simple as that our black Tesla also posted on YouTube he  put the program to work even driving into direct sunlight to test the vision system he had this to  say it’s natural it’s human-like it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable he also pointed out the  display how the animation was solid not wavering as the program tried to figure out what is going  on everything is a lot stiler and more stable in the visualization specifically when standing still let’s now look at the new 2023 Tesla Model y with the new Quicksilver color  looking at the front the car looks clean and new with LED headlights  the car was built from Giga Berlin as you can see there are no panel Gap issues  it comes with the performance alloy wheels the big exterior update here is the remover  of ultrasonic sensors as the car now has a more uniform look another big exterior update is this  camera which according to the car article the 1.5 megapixels camera previously used has been  replaced with a new 5 megapixels camera you can tell by seeing how big the camera lens now look  on the top here for autopilot there are new cameras with bigger lenses as well which will  enhance a lot of autopilot features at the back it looks pretty massive and very impressive with  the new color opening the trunk we have this cargo cover here the trunk is quite spacious  we still have our power tailgate when closing the trunk but this time no beep sound recently  Tesla announced a powered frunk which may be available on this car or still coming as an update sure the rear camera has also increased in pixels as well as this camera for the interior the new interior has gotten rid of the large panels  on the side of the doors in favor of this very small piece extending from the dash which is more visible here with the white interior at the back this change means the  white panels previously at the rear doors a straight black as well the screen here is  still the same with the new Quicksilver color model y Avatar the only difference is just some  additional icons which we will talk about when looking at 2023 features later in this video on  the 2023 model 3 the changes are pretty the same no ultrasonic sensors new 5 megapixel  camera then on the interior the new interior has also gotten rid of the large panels on the side  of the doors in favor of this very small piece extending from the dash just like the model y let’s look at upcoming features coming to the model Y and all Tesla cars  Tesla owners will soon be able to attend Zoom video meetings from the comfort of their vehicles  the upcoming feature was announced by video conference service soon during their recently  held zootopia event Zoom showed off several new features of its service during zootopia one of  them was the ability to launch the Zoom app from Tesla’s infotainment system announced by Natasha  Valia manager of products for the meeting group this feature will allow Tesla owners to host or  join virtual meetings from the cars Natasha Valia confirmed the announcement during the event let’s  listen this will be available on all new Tesla models soon cannot wait interestingly the short  Zoom video showed the Tesla passenger having a video feed during the call so the feature  would likely use the cabin camera found in the model 3 Model y a newer model S and Model X  if Zoom users synchronize their phone’s calendar to their Tesla they’ll be able to start a meeting  directly from the vehicles in vehicle calendar this should make Zoom meetings easier for Tesla  owners even while supercharging however it remains to be seen if Zoom video conferencing would  require a dedicated Wi-Fi connection or if Tesla’s premium connectivity would cover the service Tesla has updated its IOS app to version 4.14 with two new features first there is the iOS lock  screen widget you can choose between two widgets both of which display the vehicle’s battery level  there is a small circular widget that is displayed based on the vehicle’s charge level and a larger  widget that contains the vehicle’s name and a numeric representation of the vehicle’s  battery level either as a percentage or miles per kilometer depending on what your app is set to the second feature is the ability to unlock the driver’s side door from the app  the model 3 and model y door handles are unpowered and the right combination of  water and cold can cause the door handle to freeze on the door frame  being able to unlock the door from the app means that the door handle is not used at all and the  door is unlocked electronically and left open just enough to grab the side of the door to unlock it Tesla prepares to release improved smart summon according to Elon Musk indeed smart  summon which stands for ass is nearing completion POG Auto posted a video on  their YouTube channel demonstrating the upgrade according to the video the Tesla owner summons  the car from its parking area by pressing go to Target on the app and the car came to him  then he continued pressing the target while moving in front and the car went in front as well according to not a Tesla app Tesla may be announcing a new icon Apple music  Apple music is one of the most requested features by Tesla owners remember we just showed you zoom  announcing integration into Tesla vehicles when Zoom showed the Tesla screen it also showed the  Tesla app launcher which looked exactly as we would expect but with the exception of a  small icon the new icon looks a lot like the Apple music logo the new icon appeared only in the first  segment of the zoom demo video this is because the launcher icon changed when the video switched to  Tesla screen for the second time We Believe Tesla is indirectly announcing Apple music but we can’t  confirm it for now it will be exciting to see this feature in the nearest Future say 2023 I guess Tesla’s latest software update 2022.

40.1 revealed images of an unannounced feature called radio  traffic announcements radio traffic announcements are used by several car manufacturers such as BMW  Mercedes and Volkswagen this ensures drivers receive local traffic information regardless of  what they are listening to on their Entertainment System however given the many improvements Tesla  has talked about RTA could become more than just radio traffic radio traffic announcement will  be released in the near future probably shortly after the 2022.44 or 2022.48 update around 2023 an electric plane Manufacturing Company Aviation has finally takes off and receive worldwide orders  this is Elise an electric airplane manufactured by Aviation it is the future of air travel  check out the aviation’s website which lists some impressive specs about the Elise  the aircraft has a maximum payload of 2 500 pounds for nine passengers and their luggage a range of  287 miles and a top speed of 260 knots 300 miles per hour while these specs are far from impressive  compared to the commercial planes were familiar with at our local airports the aviation Elise  is probably as capable on short trips as any other small plane Australian Regional Airline  Northern Territory Air Services ntas has ordered 20 electric planes from manufacturer Aviation but  it’s not the only customer Aviation has contracts with major companies outside Australia including  Germany’s DHL Cape Air Global air and Eva Air the path to fully electric Aviation is still  unclear Some see Hybrid engine technology as the next step While others see hydrogen as the best  choice for air travel but one thing is clear the beginning of this path has already begun waiting times for new Teslas are rapidly decreasing just in time for Christmas Tesla’s wait  times are much shorter expected delivery dates for the model S or model X plaid are between November  and December as well as the model 3 and model y performance variants so Santa has enough time to  throw a big bow in the driveway not only that but the YN model 3 are now available in several areas a dozen electric SUVs painted in a completely new Quicksilver color dedicated to Giga Berlin  have been spotted outside the factory captured in a drone flyover by Tobias Lind the model y  performance cars were seen in a holding area along with dozens of other model y’s finished in black  and white looking like they are getting ready to be shipped off to new owners Tobias Lind posted  on Twitter a few clips from today at hashtag gigabolin the new Quicksilver is awesome full  video later on YouTube so you can check it later on his YouTube channel Link in the description invitations to Tesla semi-delivery events have started rolling out the Tesla semi-delivery  event has been long overdue and like the 2017 semi-presentation promises to be a night to  remember the Tesla semi-delivery event will take place in Giga Nevada on December 1st  guests must confirm their attendance by 11 59 am on November 28th Tesla held a random draw  from its long list of retail shareholders for invitations to the semi-delivery event  Tesla investor relations manager Martin viacher tweeted that Tesla will be  holding a random draw where one share of Tesla is worth one entry in the ballot  if you want to attend the semi-delivery event as a retail shareholder please make sure you have a  verified shareholder status on our IR website unverified manual submissions are eligible if  the paperwork is correct we’ll be doing a random draw where one share equals one entry  PepsiCo one of the semi’s biggest customers confirmed that it expects to receive some of its  Tesla Class 8 trucks on December 1st Tesla will deliver the semi to pepsico’s free-to-lay plant  in Modesto and its beverages plant in Sacramento Tesla aims to produce 50 000 semi-trucks by 2024.  the company aims to become one of the largest truck makers in the United States Tesla is opening its Mega Factory in California for the first time as part of a hiring push  to ramp up battery production last year Tesla broke ground on a new Mega Factory  in Lathrop California to produce mega pack batteries the goal is to have the new plant  focused on building large battery packs for utility scale energy storage projects  oh Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla aims to produce an impressive 40 gigawatt hours of  Mega packs per year at the mega Factory despite working on the new manufacturing facility for  about a year we didn’t hear about Tesla’s efforts until last month when the automaker began ramping  up its hiring efforts impressively Tesla was able to reach factory production about a year  after construction began previously Tesla produced Mega packs exclusively at its Nevada gigafactory  but now production is ramping up rapidly at its California Mega Factory where sources  say it can produce up to 25 packs a day it is already possible to produce Mega packs however  the manufacturing capacity is relatively new so a rollout won’t be felt until the  fourth quarter in 2023 when Tesla can install batteries and begin energy storage projects according to information from Drive Tesla Canada Tesla has again adjusted how much  owners pay to plug and charge the cars at supercharger stations across Europe  we use the word adjustment because fees may increase in some countries decrease in others  just a few months ago Tesla increased supercharger prices by more than 30 percent in many parts of  Europe at the same time Tesla also introduced Dynamic pricing where they set three different  rates during Peak and off-peak hours throughout the day unfortunately for the owners most of the  day is covered by expensive peak hours from 6am to 10 p.

m which makes most boost sessions much more  expensive Rising rates and Long Peak hours have led to a lot of negative feedback and a noticeable  drop in the number of charging sessions with owners looking for cheaper alternatives to fast  charging it appears that Tesla has listened to the feedback noticed a drop in traffic  and reduced peak hours from 4 pm to 8 pm and with Dynamic pricing structures fees have increased and  decreased sometimes both according to a Twitter user a Tesla adri prices are going down in Holland  but up in Italy in Germany prices increased from 55 cents to 64 cents per kilowatt hour  during peak hours but decreased from 74 cents to 71 cents per kilowatt hour during off peak hours  have you noticed a change in superchargers fees in your country let us know in the comments below the Tesla Model Y is definitely becoming more common on California roads  that’s highlighted by a new report from the California new Car Dealers Association  cncda which shows that Tesla’s all-electric crossover topped the state’s best-selling  car list in the third quarter according to a cncda report Tesla sold 61 544 model wise in  California in the third quarter making it the best-selling car in the state the model wise  sister sedan the model 3 also finished well with 56 851 units sold in the third quarter of 2022  this is particularly impressive for Tesla’s two mainstream Vehicles given that the model Y and  model 3 are premium EVs and cost more than other top selling vehicles on the market such as the  Toyota Camry and Honda CRV even more impressively California’s new vehicle Market is actually down  16.1 percent in the first three quarters of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021  cncda president Brian Moss pointed to concerns in the state’s auto market such as rising interest  rates and overall costs of new vehicles I think what’s happening in our Marketplace is there’s  not enough vehicles to meet demand Moss said the average price of a new car also Rose to more than  forty five thousand dollars a record high overall California has sold more than 1.2 million Vehicles  since the start of the year but 2 million is largely considered a more traditional Target  even in this environment high-priced products like the Tesla Model y have done exceptionally  well Mars noted that Tesla’s performance was not a surprise because the company’s  Vehicles attract car buyers in the state it’s not surprising I think Tesla’s done very well  appealing to California buyers interested in the brand as well as converting to electric vehicles  it’s not surprising that folks who want those vehicles are willing to pay more Mars said thank you very much for watching if you like this video please support  us by subscribing to help us grow and also be part of our community here at Njeckston  electric Channel as we have a mission to take the charge of fighting against  climate change by bringing the future of sustainable energy closer to our viewers  and subscribers showing that electric cars are the best cars in the world for more news  and update on EVS subscribe to this channel see you on our next EV news Edition foreign

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