Cotton Bow Headbands for Babies – Fabric Headband Tutorial

Hi, welcome to Anjurisa Channel In this video, I’m going to show you how to make a turban headband using cotton fabric Cotton fabric is the most popular fabric among crafters because it’s very easy to find and easy to sew So, without further ado, let’s get started If you love anything about baby headbands, consider subscribing Prepare the fabric I use cotton fabric for this turban headband The first thing is, we need to determine the direction of fabric whether we want to make a dress, a headband, anything, the direction of fabric is very very important As you can see, this is the edge of fabric The size is 8 inches or 20 cm The length is head circumference + 3 inches or 8 cm For example, if the head circumference is 18 inches, the length of this fabric will be 21 inches If the head circumference is 45 cm, the length of this fabric will be 53 cm I will use a rotary cutter to cut this cotton fabric So, we put the fabric like this Measure the fabric by 3 inches or 8 cm and another 3 inches or 8 cm So, we will have 3 pieces of fabric With the right sides together, I will fold the fabric Prepare a dacron like this You can find this dacron at craft store If you can’t find one, you can use felt fabric The size should be shorter than this piece of fabric I will sew these parts Cotton fabric is quite difficult to turn, so I use a loop turner like this Just put this inside, grab the fabric, and pull the fabric Fold the fabric to determine the center I will gather the fabric here Take this fabric I will fold it like this Sew this part Cut the excess fabric Turn the fabric Prepare an elastic band with the size 4 inches or 10 cm I put a safety pin here I will put the elastic inside this fabric Pin the elastic Push the pin to the end of fabric Stitch these parts to secure the elastic With the seam here, this is the wrong side, and this is the right side With the wrong side facing us, put it here and fold the fabric Stitch these parts to secure the fabric I’ve stitched these parts Cut the excess fabric Turn the fabric Our turban headband is finished Thanks for watching this video If you enjoy this turban headband tutorial, please give thumbs up, leave a comment below, share this video, subscribe, and ring the bell~

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