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The electric car market is booming but with so much choice around now which are the best models to consider we’re running through the top 10 best electric cars to buy right now and telling you which ones to avoid first if you’re looking to buy a new car and want a great deal then click on the link at the top of the screen to go to and to make sure you keep up with reviews of every new electric car being released this year and beyond subscribe to our channel [Music] kicking off the top 10 is the bmw ix bmw’s flagship electric car is a massive suv with an exterior design which is likely to split opinions but the interior is unquestionably a thing of beauty with a slick layout and high quality materials it’s as good inside as any ev out there and it’s very spacious too on the road it’s quick and extremely quiet but for the ix at its best you’ll need the x drive 50 version which offers a much longer range from its huge 105 kilowatt hour battery than the entry level xdrive 40.

On top of that the xdrive 50 has a smoother ride and offers the ability to charge up more quickly the vw id3 is a fantastic electric all-rounder it’s a really nice thing to drive thanks to its accurate steering and fine body control plus it’s spacious practical and has a really decent range in our favorite trim the interior quality is a bit of a letdown and the touchscreen infotainment system is frustratingly laggy and complicated to use but otherwise it deserves its reputation as the vw golf of the electric car world the audi e-tron gt is an awesome handling electric car it’s rapid comfortable and even reasonably practical plus the finish of its interior is rock solid the tesla model s might be quicker and a little bit roomier for families but there’s no competition when it comes to driving dynamics the e-tron gt is a proper performance car whereas a model s is very impressive but just feels like a very quick electric car we’ve already told you about how good the vw id3 is the cuproborn takes that already excellent formula and improves on some of the vw’s weaknesses for example the interior quality is better and so too is the infotainment system so it offers those improvements over the id3 while retaining everything that makes the vw so good the bourne is ultimately the better small electric car the bmw i4 is fast comfortable and extremely hushed at high speeds it also has a decent range a great infotainment system and a properly plush interior if you go for the m50 model then it is rapid but we actually think the cheaper edrive 40 is the most recommendable choice in the lineup it’s not exactly slow and makes the pricing a bit more competitive it’s a worthy alternative to the tesla model 3.

now another electric bmw at fifth place in our list the ix3 is essentially an x3 with a battery in it and that is a good thing it means you’re getting a practical classy suv with the best infotainment system around it also steers and handles better than other electric suvs at this price point while offering a comfortable ride a recent facelift has freshened up its interior and it remains a very good ev the enyak is skoda’s first bespoke electric car and is based on similar underpinnings to the audi q4 e-tron and vw id4 but it’s the enyak which is the most impressive of those rivals it’s a very practical ev with plenty of space for passengers and a big boot it’s also plush inside and comes with a lot of equipment we’d stick with the entry level 60 version of the car because in this spec it represents really decent value in the ev world if you need a longer range check out the enyak 80.

Best Electric Cars 2022 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10 | What Car?

the porsche tycan redefined how we view electric performance cars before the tai can if you wanted excitement and sublime handling then you had to have something with an engine but the thai can which is closely related to the audi etron gt showed that electric cars are able to thrill in the way a proper performance car should it was hard to see how you could make the thai count any better until we got the taikan cross turismo it gets a bigger boot more space in the rear and still offers incredible pace handling and excitement on every journey plus you get the bigger battery as standard with the crossturismo on the regular ti can you have to pay extra for that in second place it’s the kia ev6 it’s a properly excellent electric car because it combines a huge real world range with the ability to charge at super fast speeds that few rivals can keep up with add in effortless performance outstanding refinement a hugely spacious interior competitive pricing and one of the best warranties around and the striking ev6 doesn’t just look like the future it feels like it too for a full rundown on what makes it so good click on the link to watch our review but the very best electric car you can buy right now is the tesla model 3.

In fact since it went on sale nothing has been able to take its crown overall why well for a start it’s got a fantastic range it is seriously quick it comes packed full of tech and is surprisingly practical too but then on top of all that having access to tesla’s fantastic public charging infrastructure is a huge advantage over every other electric car without a tesla badge for the model 3 at its best go for the long range model it gets a massive range feels tidier on the road than the entry level model and is still very quick if not quite as rapid as the more expensive performance version the model 3 is not only the best all-round electric car on sale today but one of the best choices full stop so those are the top 10 best electric cars to buy right now but there are some new evs on the horizon which could shake up this list among them the tesla model s and model x which were revealed way back last year but are yet to make an appearance in the uk they come with claimed improvements to range performance and interior quality and to make sure you see our full review of both cars as soon as we’ve driven them subscribe to our channel there’s also a new kia e nero due out soon given how incredibly strong the outgoing model was a new revamped version stands a good chance of impressing two not every electric car is good though and the smart 4-4 remains the ev to avoid with a range that’s almost as small as the space on offer inside there are plenty of other rivals which are better like the ds3 crossback e-tents but given the competition in the electric suv market there are a lot of alternatives which can travel further between charges offer more space inside and are better to drive than the ds and by the way as many of you will know the official wltp electric ranges quoted for evs are largely unachievable if you drive normally so while a car might quote a wltp range of 300 miles the actual figure you’ll be able to achieve in real-world driving conditions will be much less than that if you want to know how far electric cars can really travel on a full charge click on the link to watch our real range video we took a group of fully charged evs and drove them in identical real-world conditions at the same time until the batteries went dead watch our video for a full rundown of the results so those are the best and worst electric cars right now but what’s your favorite tell us in the comments below and don’t forget if you want to buy a new car click the link to go to where we can save you thousands of pounds with no need for any haggling but before you go anywhere subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our reviews of all the new evs getting launched this year and beyond thanks for watching [Music] you

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