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Best of Lightning McQueen | Pixar Cars

Written by ix55u

Hey, Lighting, you ready? (upbeat rock music) – [Lightning] Oh, yeah, Lightning’s ready. (engine revving) ♪ I’m American made ♪ ♪ Budlight, Chevrolet ♪ ♪ My mama taught me wrong from right ♪ ♪ I was born in the south ♪ ♪ Sometimes I have a big mouth ♪ ♪ When I see something that I don’t like ♪ (engine revving) ♪ I gotta say it ♪ (thrilling instrumental music) – [Bob] Wait a second, Darrell. McQueen is in the wreckage.

– [Darrell] There’s no way the rookie can make it through.

Not in one piece, that is. (tires screeching) (exciting instrumental music) (soft instrumental music) – [Twins] Lightning. (squealing) (engine revving) – [Darrell] Look at that. McQueen made it through. – [Bob] Yeah, and a spectacular move by Lightning McQueen.

– Yeah, ka-chow. (metal scraping) – [King’s Coach] McQueen’s blown a tire. McQueen’s blown a tire. Go, go, go, go. (metal scraping) (engines revving) (dramatic instrumental music) (tire popping) – [Darrell] He’s lost another tire.

The King and Chick are coming up fast. – [Bob] They’re entering Turn-3.

I don’t believe what I’m watching, Bob. Lightning McQueen is 100 feet from his Piston Cup.

(grunting) (metal scraping) (engines revving) – [Bob] The King and Chick rounding Turn-4. (engines revving) (metal squeaking) – [Darrell] Down the stretch they come. Finish, finish. (cars whooshing) (tape rewinding) (uplifting instrumental music) (majestic instrumental music) (gentle instrumental music) (laughing) (groaning) (spitting) – [Bob] This is it. We’re heading into the final lap and McQueen is right behind the leaders.

What a comeback. – 199 laps and baby, it all comes down to this. – This is it, kiddo. You got four turns left. One at a time.

Drive it in deep and hope it sticks, go.

(engine revving) (grunting) – [Bob] McQueen’s going inside. (thudding) (tires screeching) Chick and The King are loose. – [Darrell] I think McQueen is out of the race. (dirt scraping) (soft inspirational music) (engine revving) McQueen saved it.

– [Bob] He’s back on the track. (crashing) – Oh no. (engine revving softly) (soft somber instrumental music) (brakes screeching) (whooshing) – Yeah, woohoo, I won, baby, yeah. – [Flo] What’s he up to, Doc? (engine revving softly) (grunting softly) – What are you doing, kid?

– I think The King should finish his last race. – You just gave up the Piston Cup, you know that? – This grumpy old racecar I know once told me something. It’s just an empty cup. (inspirational music) – [Bob] Darrell, is pushing on the last lap legal?

– Hey, man, he’s not really pushing him. He’s just giving him a little bump draft. – Woohoo, hey, what? What’s going on? – That’s what I call racing right there.

(laughing) (uplifting music) (engine revving) – [Mack] Hey, Lightning, you ready? – Oh yeah, Lightning’s ready.

(lively rock music) This one’s for you, Doc. (engine revving) ♪ I do it on my pace ♪ ♪ As long as we get to run that race ♪ – Lightning, how do you keep your focus racing against Bobby and Cal? – I mean, I think the key is we respect each other.

These guys are a real class act. (whooshing) (laughing) – [Bobby] Congratulations, cupcake. (spitting) – They are gonna pay. (engines revving) (upbeat rock music) – [Car] Go, go, Dinoco. – Great win today, Cal.

– Thank you, Shannon.

It was a great boost- (tires inflating) Hey, hey. (laughing) Guido. – (in foreign language). – Haha, laugh it up, real funny.

(tire deflating) (upbeat rock music) (whooshing) (laughing) – Keep it going, buddy. – I’m about to commit a moving violation. (grunting) (blasting) (laughing) – Cruz. (engine revving) – [Derby Car] Watch out. – What are you doing?

Best of Lightning McQueen | Pixar Cars

You gotta keep moving. – I shouldn’t be out here. (screams) – [Lightning] Move, Cruz, move. – What do I do? I can’t steer.

– Turn right to go left.

Turn right to go left. – [Cruz] That doesn’t make any sense. – Turn right to go left. (yelling) (thudding) Whoa.

(laughing) – Hey, Patty. – Oh, hi, Bill. (yelling) – Cruz, what do you say? Let’s take a lap. (engine revving) Ooh, yeah.

– Whoa. (engine revving) (laughing) – Yes, you nailed it. – Way easier without the school bus of death trying to kill us. – Yeah, no kidding. (uplifting music) (engines revving) (laughing) (gasping) (yelling) (brakes screeching) – Starting to think I might never meet you.

(soft music) And every last one of them was about you. Yeah, Hud loved racing. But coaching you? (sighs) I’d never seen the old grump so happy. (gentle music) Racing wasn’t the best part of Hud’s life; you were.

(exciting music) (shouting excitedly) (engine revving) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (yelling) – Yeah, woohoo. (whooshing) (tearing) Woohoo.

(laughing) (whooshing) (adventurous music) (yelling) (brakes screeching) – Anticipate your turns. Cruz, get your head in the race.

– No, no, wait, wait, wait. Tell her she’s on a beach and all the little crabbies have gone night-night. – No, I ain’t saying that. You tell her. – [Lightning] All right, Cruz, the beach.

I need you to think of the beach. – Mr. McQueen? – Yeah, yeah, it’s me. Remember the beach.

– Oh, pick a line.

Stick to it, got it. (engine revving) (whooshing) – All right, not too bad. – This is nothing like the simulator. – You got every tool you need.

Now remember Thomasville? – [Cruz] Thomasville? – Yeah, sneak through the window. – Now that I understand. – Sneak through the window.

(whooshing) (mooing) (engine revving) – Great number. (cheering) It was McQueen’s idea. He felt Hud would’ve wanted you to have it. – I love it. – Oh, it’s perfect.

It’s very old school. – Did someone just say old school? (upbeat rock music) (laughing) – Trying something new. I like it. – Wow, subtle.

– Figured if I’m gonna be your crew chief, I’d better do it in style. – What’s Mr. Sterling going to say? – I’m actually more worried about what Tex is gonna say considering he bought Rusteze. Thanks, Tex.

(honking) – I made that Sterling fella a Texas-sized offer. – So, ready to start training? – I don’t know, you ready to lose again? – Oh, hope you got your fluffy cloud.

– I hope you got your drip pan.

– Got my drip pan and I’ve taken my nap. – Bring it on, old man. – Luigi? – Go. (yelling) (whooshing) ♪ I live my life out on the edge ♪ ♪ Yeah, I don’t stop just ’cause it’s red ♪ ♪ Let’s push this thing ♪ ♪ See what we get ♪ ♪ This black pavement ♪ ♪ These yellow lines ♪ ♪ Are pulling us into the night ♪ ♪ I feel my temperature rise ♪ ♪ Ride, ride ♪ ♪ Ride, ride ♪ ♪ Yeah, we gon’ ride ♪.

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