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Aloha everybody it’s Gina from ohanaeatz so today we are here to bring you our top five  travel tips on visiting Oahu in 2022. Make sure you stay till the end for a special bonus tip  and before we get started thank you guys so much for watching please don’t forget to hit  that like and subscribe button. now let’s get you our top five travel tips for visiting Oahu in 2022 Travel tip number one is going to be to get your QR code and your documentation  in order. So visiting Hawaii is not like visiting anywhere else and there are a lot more rules and  different regulations that are in place so you need to check these two websites.

I know  you’re going to see a lot of information online on Facebook and chat groups and everywhere else  but the following two websites are going to be all the information that you need in order to come to  the state of Hawaii.

Okay so the two websites that you must check are and Both of these sites are run by the state and they’re going to give you  all of the information up to date that you need in order to travel here to the island of Oahu.

  So my Gina travel hack is to make sure you also take a screenshot of your QR code  your vaccine card and your negative test just in case you decide that you want to dine out.  All of the restaurants currently over here in Oahu are requiring either a negative test  or a vaccine card in order to dine in and they’re checking that along with your id,  so it just helps everything to run a little bit smoother for you.

So travel tip number  two is going to be to pre-book your excursions. There’s lots of excursions over here on the island  of Oahu you have everything from swimming with sharks, swimming with dolphins, sport fishing,  scuba diving, and snorkeling. Now the only thing is that with the current situation some  availability is a lot more limited than it used to be so you want to make sure that you pre-book  as many of your excursions as possible.

So you’re probably wondering where is the best place that I  can book excursions, how can I find out what the island has to offer. Okay so my Gina travel tip is  to check out the following three websites… these three websites are going to give you not only all  of the tours that are on the island of Oahu but also some really great discounts to help save  you guys money.

The first site is going to be go city and of course, you’re going to plug in Oahu;  the second site is going to be Viator; and then the third site is going to be Groupon.

So if  you’re trying to book your excursion and you see that it’s not available don’t panic because there  are lots of dive companies and tour companies that are located directly across the street  from Ala Moana and some of them even have same day or next day availability. So one of those places  is actually going to be Dive Oahu and we’re going to speak to Hannah and she’s going to tell us  all about their availability and the tours that they offer. Dive Oahu’s a big dive company on this  island some of the tours that we offer are two shallow dives, a wreck and a reef dive, we also do  snorkeling excursions. We have four charters that you could do every day.


What is the age range that  you take on your tours? If you want to go uh scuba diving you’ve got to be at least 12 years old;  if you’re any younger than 12 you can go snorkeling or ride along that’s totally fine. Travel tip number three…

don’t stress if you forgot any items. So the island of Oahu has a  lot of retail stores including Target and Walmart and we also have clubs like Costco and sam’s club  and of course outlets and malls to shop at. My Gina travel hack is to check out Ross. If you’re  coming from the mainland and you’re familiar with Ross it’s predominantly a clothing store,  but over here in Hawaii we have 15 locations just on the island of Oahu alone and these stores have  just about everything you could think of from snorkel gear to swimwear to souvenirs and even  snacks for your hotel.

So travel tip number four is don’t blow your budget on food.

We all know how  expensive Hawaii is and when you’re staying at the resort a lot of the restaurants that are included  in the resort are extremely expensive. So my Gina travel hack for great affordable food is to check  out the farmer’s markets the food trucks and the ABC stores if you have never been to an ABC store  you’re going to notice that you see them on almost every block in downtown Waikiki and there is also  a location over in Ko’olina you can get breakfast lunch and dinner there.

Travel tip number five is  to travel around the island. So there are two main spots that people normally stay at over  here on the island of Oahu. The first one is going to be downtown Waikiki on the east side the second  one is going to be Ko’olina over on the west side.

Both of those areas have rental vehicles  available, along with the airport. Now they don’t only have rental vehicles. You can even rent bikes  and scooters to get you around the city. So my Gina hack if you are unable to find a rental car  or you’re just not comfortable driving, you can take the bus so the bus. Over here on the island  of Oahu it is only five dollars and fifty cents per person for the entire day.

If you’re staying  in downtown Waikiki you can take the route 60 bus which will take you straight up the east coast all  the way along the whole beautiful mountainside and up to the north shore.

While taking the bus  is definitely more time-consuming it is for sure the cheapest way to travel around the island.  We hope you enjoyed our top five travel tips for visiting Oahu in 2022 and now for our bonus  travel tip. Ohanaeatz is here for you so throw any of your comments or questions down below  and I personally will answer your questions to make sure that we get you the most out of your  Hawaiian vacation as possible. Thank you guys so much for watching as always stay safe and aloha.


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