Where are we going, Mark? – We are on our way to Honolulu! – We’re going to Hawaii! – Which is a first. And I am with Amy.

– Yes, so fast. – Super easy. And then literally you just upload your results to the travel Hawaii safe program website. – Yep. – And it’s super simple.

And the main Boulevard here is called Kalakaua Boulevard.

We’re here during COVID, as you can tell. So masks are a necessity when you’re here or you’ll get a big old fat fine, which we don’t want. And we want to keep everybody safe, including ourselves. – Even walking on the streets. – Even walking on the streets, walking through hotels.

Really the only time you can take the mask off is when you’re sitting at a table. And sometimes we found that even when you’re sitting at the table, they will ask you to keep your mask on until you are actually eating or drinking, which is a bummer because you really don’t get that much of a break from the mask, but it is what it is, right? Also, I want to introduce Amy.

– Hi guys, I am Amy. – This is Amy.

And she has her own incredibly awesome safari business called Adventure Calls. She’s way more exciting and adventurous than I am. So she’s going to be like throwing me into some major adventures on this trip. So I’m super excited about that. So right now we’re walking down this strip here Kalakaua, right?

Kala Kala whatever. And it’s loaded with luxury shopping. And this whole area is going to take you right to the Ala Moana Shopping Plaza, which has all the high-end shopping. So if that’s what you’re interested in, this is a place to go. And as you guys will see, when we take you to the beach, like everybody has a six pack and t-shirt may or may not be coming up on this.

Let’s go eat. – All right. So we are here at ARVO cafe, just outside of Waikiki and Honolulu. – And we are in a mission to try the avocado toast and another toast with a fresh lox on it. And of course, some coffee.

So lets check this place out. – Look at this, regular ice latte and a lavender ice latte. And Mark got the girly lavender latte. (laughs loudly) Cheers. – [Amy] Cheers.

– Wow. It’s actually really nice. And I never thought about putting lavender with coffee, but it’s subtle.

It has a perfect amount of sweetness. This is a really great way to start the day, get the brain going.

Cause I need caffeine. Wow. – Here we go. – Oh my gosh. That is so beautiful.

– [Blonde Woman] Enjoy – Thank you. Look at how gorgeous these beautiful toasts are. Avocado toast with flowers and little cherry tomatoes and what looks like, possibly some feta or goat cheese on top and then fresh peppery arugula. And than one of my favorites is the lox, which is the salmon with capers and red onion and some greens. Exactly the way I love it with some fresh pop of lemon juice on top, I can tell it’s going to be killer already.

Let’s jump in. Really good. Avocado is creamy, it’s light. The tomatoes are fresh and poppy and the cheese on top is just the perfect texture, super, super, super light. And then of course the peppery arugula, it’s a hit.

And what’s going to be my favorite, the lox. Beautiful dripping salmon on this fluffy toast with a red onion, capers, a pop of lemon to give it that brightness.

We’re going in. Sweet, juicy, and delicious. When you come here to Honolulu, you have got to stop by ARVO for breakfast.

It will literally rock. – [Amy] I just realized you record every single thing. – Yeah, but everybody does. All right. So you can not come to Hawaii without getting the little Hawaiian lady for your car.

So you do need to rent a car when you’re on the island. It’s the best way. And really only way to get around. If you want to see everything. So, you can get one with coconuts or you can get one where she’s playing the ukulele and I did the ukulele.

And hopefully, this brings us some good luck on our excursions. So cool. Awesome. All, right guys, we are on our way to see the very historic Pearl Harbor Memorial, visit the USS Arizona, and pay respects to those that gave their lives to defend, to protect our country.

So, we’re going to check this place out.

We’re not going to be rolling out of respect but definitely wanted you to know that this is one of the experiences that you should check out when you come to Hawaii. And when you’re staying in the Honolulu area. All right so, we just checked in here at the visitor center and you can make a reservation in advance. It sounds like, you have to actually take a boat over. So, boats leave every half hour, and we’re going to catch a 10 o’clock boat over.

Just checked in, we’re on the standby list for the 10 o’clock boat. So definitely a good idea to book reservations, but if you don’t and you want a chance to just check in at the Pearl Harbor Memorial theater right behind me, and to put your name on a waiting list, and then when the boat leaves at 10, they’re gonna go ahead and give us a call here and see if there’s space for us to join.

Hopefully, there is. Behind me is the actual bell from the USS Arizona that was used to help guide the sailors back to the ship, through the fog. All right, we got in on standby, which was great.

And once you do, you hop on a boat to actually go over to the Memorial. So I’m going to record as much as I can up until that point. So this is what it’s like. When you go to the Memorial, it’s something that we decided not to film obviously, you can still see oil dripping up today from the battleship. You can see different areas of the ship under the water.

It’s very somber, it’s a Memorial and it is a very sobering and humbling and somber experience. And I don’t think I could have enjoyed my stay here on Hawaii without taking the time to honor those that gave their lives. (upbeat music) – All right. So for a quick bite here in Honolulu, we chose to stop at Merriman’s, which specializes in fresh local fish. And we’re starting of course, with a cocktail, which is the No Ka Oi eye, which is a fresh local ocean vodka.

Thai basil, lime, and honey puree. It looks absolutely beautiful. Cheers. This drink is really refreshing. And the standout flavor for me is the local honey.

It gives it a real smoothness and sweetness, but just a touch that makes us, I think, one of the best cocktails on the menu, the Thai basil gives a little bit of spice, not much, but just a little, and the shaken egg white on top with the fresh lime.

Really makes this drink a killer drink here at Merriman’s. – Ceviche. – Wow. Oh my God.

– Jalapeno cilantro sauce on there. – Jalapeno cilantro sauce on the ceviche. And what is the fish? – Ono – Ono, and that’s a local fish? – It is, yes.

– Wow. – This one over here is your separate salad, goat cheese, and then those are house-made chips. – Wow. Thank you so much. How beautiful is this?

So if you’re looking for some of the freshest fish in O’ahu, Merriman’s is the place to go we’re off to a fabulous start with this incredible ceviche, with this beautiful green cilantro sauce, pickled red onions, tomatoes, and then house-made chips.

Does it get any better? I mean, this is what you want to experience when you come to Hawaii, it’s all about freshness. It’s all about local. And it’s all about flavor.

When you come to a city and in this case, we’re here in Honolulu. What you want to do is you want to experience local and it’s all about the fish. It’s all about the local fruit, and the local vegetables. And we’re getting that today for lunch.

So house-made chips, the perfect amount of salt on top.

And we do this beautiful green Ono ceviche with a cilantro puree and a little red onion because you want all those flavors to come together. Pop of lime, cilantro, and cucumber. It is super fresh. And the fish, melts in your mouth, fabulous. For our main course here at Merriman’s for lunch, I’m having the Monchong, which is a local fish here in O’ahu, and it looks beautiful.

And of course, macadamia nuts. So we’re crossing the fish with that tonight. This is basically a pink snapper with a sake mushroom cream sauce, green beans, and rice. Oh my gosh. Let’s jump into this.

Super flaky white fish, where do you get some of that sake mushroom, a little green bean? And we’re going in. (orchestral music) When you are here for the music or you are here for perfection on the platter, it doesn’t get any better at Merriman’s.

This fish is a winner. The macadamia nut crust gives it a really light sweetness, almost that Ritz cracker crust, taste, flavor, and consistency.

Kailua beach is a long stretch of dense, powdery sand with waters that are simply mesmerizing. For dinner, stay in Kailua and head to Buzz’s Steak House, a local haunt with an authentic Hawaiian Tiki vibe.

You’ll love it. – [Mark] How’s your lemonade? Lychee lemonade? – Well, no, I just think it’s like the beach name lemonade. Lemonade’s delicious, fresh, clean, and easy.

My kind of drink. – [Mark] Awesome – [Amy] I thought I was on a break – And I got Buzz’s famous Mai Tai and it’s actually my first, Mai Tai ever. And it looks awesome. And there are, I think, did she say two or three shots of robbery? – [Amy] Three shots.

– Three shots of Roman. You can actually smell it. Coming out of the glass is gorgeous with the maraschino cherry and lime. Aloha. – [Amy] Also, I’m totally eating your cherry.

– [Mark] You will not eat my cherry. (Amy gasps) – It’s really delicious. And I think typically you’ll have pineapple juice in the Mai Tai. This is actually without juice. So it’s literally the rum and it’s fabulous.

Dinner tonight at Buzz’s Steak Houses is off to an incredible start with three very beautiful appetizers.

This is the artichoke surprise. It has a very creamy lemon aioli with beautiful artichokes steamed, calamari steak with lemon butter and caper sauce, and fresh lemon. And then of course the teriyaki meat sticks, which look out of this world delicious. The best Hawaiian right here.

(Hawaiian music) Between the beautiful Hawaiian music and the ukulele from this perfectly marinated teriyaki beef. It was absolutely fabulous. You all know, I am a huge sucker for calamari, and it’s not often that you go to a restaurant, and actually find a calamari steak, and this is prepared beautifully. It is fried perfectly golden with this incredible caper butter with lemon. It is gorgeous.

Wow. So, you know me, I’m super true to food and I will tell you, this is absolutely one of the best calamari steaks that I have ever had.

The breading is actually quite light and the lemon butter with the capers is. Absolutely delicious and incredible. And then of course we have a slightly healthier side, the artichoke with this aioli and you just get right on in there.

And scrape it. Garlic. So one of the things that I’m truly enjoying about this experience at Buzz’s Steak House is that it feels like you’re really part of local, Hawaiian life and culture here in O’ahu. Very much a local place, has been around here for over 50 years and they just celebrated its 50th-anniversary last week, in fact.

And it’s very special to be a part of all of this spirit and soul that I’m experiencing here, the O’hana in Hawaii.

And if you’re looking for that, if you will, if you’re looking for that ultimate local steak house with a throwback to the sixties in a very good way, a little bit of tiki, then this is it.

This just arrived to the table and it is a beautiful Ribeye with mashed potatoes, a little bit of beef juice, steamed brussels sprouts, and some creamy horseradish sour cream for the potatoes or the steak. It looks so good. And I was craving a steak. And where better to do that, than at this really incredible Buzz’s Steak House, Ribeye is one of my favorite cuts, because it has a decent amount of fat content in it.

And that’s where you get the flavor and all the marbleization is a sign that is exactly what you’re going to get. And I’m going to make sure we put all that fat right on in there. Absolute beef perfection on a fork. Taking a dip. Buzz’s Steak House.

This is truly, truly delicious. If you were looking for one of the best steaks, literally when you’re here in O’ahu, I tell you to come to Buzz’s Steak House, great atmosphere, great food, incredible spirit, and service is off the hook, and having a wonderful time. Dinner tonight was fabulous at Buzz’s Steak House. And let me tell you, it would not be complete without something sweet earlier I saw this incredible chocolate Oreo cheesecake go by and who doesn’t love chocolate? I’m a sucker for chocolate.

I’m a sucker for cheesecake and this looks fantastic. So, I’m going to take the best piece, which is the front. You can see the layers of chocolate crust, which is like a chocolate Graham cracker crust with a chocolate cheesecake, the Oreo cookies, the white cream filling, and then some crushed Oreo on top. Does it get better than that? This and a cup of coffee for good measure is the perfect evening out in O’ahu.

And it does not disappoint. Sweet, you get that nice sour from the cheesecake. Fabulous. When you come to Hawaii and you’re looking for a special experience, that’s going to make you feel like you’re home, then come to Buzz’s Steak House..

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